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Be very sure that, even in your pains and hurts, I will keep in the depths of your heart ...
... Peace
... delight
... Truth;
so that as you grope along the darkness a certain light will shine for your very person. Your senses and your soul may seem darkened but this person - this inner you - will rejoice that he holds the hand of The Immaculate Conception.'

30-Oct-08.   As you can perceive my son, I love you dearly
'Little son. My son. so beloved.
Yes, a son so beloved.
It is not a difficult thing to understand that God loves His creatures.
He created them. He gave them everything they need and then a great deal more.
Creation has been shaped by His Hands.
Creatures brought forth, given life and livelihood, by His command.
Of course, God loves what He created from nothing.
And of all creation He brought forth creatures that would be of such incredible stature and capability that they would be actually able to share His Godhead ...
... His divine-attributes; His Beauty and Power; His Truth!
Such creatures are the Angels and mankind.
Therefore of all creation does He love them the greatest.
God, in loving His creation, shares Himself
... in sharing the Truth of creation, shares Himself
... in sharing His Own Goodness, makes creation divine-like.
This sharing reaches its pinnacle in Heaven where His co-operative creatures are raised to Divinity.
We, His creatures in Heaven, sharing His Goodness, Truth and Love, also share with those creatures yet to attain their perfection.
And I, The Immaculate Conception, as Queen of Heaven and Mother of The Christ, Jesus, sharing most, am able to love my children perfectly and to give them great Gifts of Truth and Goodness ...
... Gifts of miracles, prophecy and sanctity.
As you can perceive my son, I love you dearly.'

3-Dec-08    But remain in this Mercy and Peace of Christ
'Little son - beloved son - son of Peace - son of Mercy.
It is Peace and Mercy that my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, brings to the world ...
... this world of rebellion
... this world of horror
... this world of wickedness.
What an awful place has God's world become!
It has become so bad that the Saints can only look upon it with deep pity but also astonishment at God's Mercy.
It is because of my little ones around the earth that God holds back the destructions that man brings upon himself.
It is because of His little handmaid upon whom He laid His great Gift, The Immaculate Conception, that He holds back the further horrors the world draws upon itself.
The great army of little sons and daughters of mine are saving the planet and are indeed, overcoming evil - all evil.
While in fact the warfare against the evil of the past era has been won my me and my army of humble persons, the tragedies have remained and the army of evil has yet to be totally routed.
But remain in this Mercy and Peace of Christ for the Era of The Spirit will be great and will soon find fulfilment - everywhere.
Therefore I bring my blessings upon you, upon yours and upon all of my children ...
... and upon the whole world.
I do so in The Goodness of The Father, through The Truth of The Son, by The Love of The Spirit.'
15-Dec-08  It is The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, which empowers the whole of creation
'Little son. Sweet little warrior of mine; of The Immaculate Conception.
Yes - sons can be 'sweet'.
I bring you - the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls bring you - Jesus' Mercy ...
... Jesus' Peace
... Jesus' Power.
It is The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, which empowers the whole of creation, renewing it and raising man to his highest potential and beyond.
Yes, miracles, even in this world that - on the surface seems so rebellious and so evil and so ignorant - are not only possible but are most frequent and widesread.
The prayers of my little children everywhere, are lights that pierce the darkness that shadows the world and these lights become more powerful by the second.
The forces of evil are most aware of the Triumph of The Woman and her children: those who recognise, acknowledge and appreciate The Truth of Jesus.
Indeed, the forces of evil are prepared for their final skirmish and so, their removal from the earth to their awful place of ugliness and hatred and deception.
They are prepared and in their evil cunning have ensured that evil will not be absolutely conquered but that an avenue remain open for one final attack on God's Love and Harmony, following which Jesus will return to conquer all remnants of evil, forever.
But the world will first have a long period of peace in which The Church will be the beacon of Light for all peoples.'
27-Dec-08     for in giving you great Gifts The Almighty also gives you great humility
'Little son of Heaven.
I need to 'tell' you again ...
... be in Peace.

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