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Mercy you seek and mercy you are given, but Peace flows upon you and in you.
The Lord also gives you Power ...
... a share in His Own Power
... the Power of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
So I bring you Peace so that you might receive His Power in tranquillity and in humility.
So I share with you, my own Gifts, even that of The Immaculate Conception ...
... a perfect sharing of The Goodness and Perfection of God
... for I love you deeply and wholly
... in The very Love of God.
Be not wary of what I 'say' to you for in giving you great Gifts The Almighty also gives you great humility.
One can not be embraced without the other.
Embrace patience and perseverance even though God's Will is at hand in His opening of The new Era of Love and Harmony.
Thank you for your assistance and your loyalty and remember, the heavenly Host supports and encourages you, from moment to moment.'
17-Jan-09.     This deception is at an end and The Church, Who has the Treasury of Truth, prevails everywhere
Little son ... so dear to me and to Heaven.
Thank you for championing your Mother in her Immaculate Conception.
Thank you for your love and loyalty to my adored Son Jesus, The Christ, and to His Universal Church on earth.
We approach difficult times little son, as we draw near to the fulfilment of The Era of The Spirit of Love, but The Almighty has held back His Hand-of-justice so that the transition would be the less traumatic for my children.
Even so, the world still turns to evil rather then to Good - to deception, rather then Truth - to hatred, rather then Love.
The undermining trauma for the peoples is the incredible deception that pervades all aspects of human existence.
This deception is at an end and The Church, Who has the Treasury of Truth, prevails everywhere and this re-emergence of the authority of Christ's Mystical Body on earth is to be felt everywhere by everyone.
Be reassured this is happening and that deception is losing its flavour as the awful results that come forth from deception are being felt everywhere - the horror of family break-up and the diabolic sacrifices of the unborn, as well as the tribulations resulting from many scientific, medical and political - and even religious - deceptions, are hurting the great majority of people in every nation.
The Truth has been submerged beneath the fantastic deceptions of the twentieth century and is erupting forth as would vegetation from dead and decaying mulch.
It is something to look forward to and you must do so in Peace and in the divine Mercy.'
31-Jan-2009  The Holy Spirit works everywhere placing Truth in the hearts of people everywhere
'Son, so needful of The Mercy of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ ...
... so needful of His Peace.
These He most certainly gives you in the fullest measure ...
... even though you fail to realise this.
But little son, you will.
His Mercy is vast ...
... beyond the measure of the universe
... and He lays It upon this poor humanity so steeped in deception
... so happy, in many cases, to wallow in this deception.
But Jesus' Mercy is overcoming all deceptions - myriad as they are - everywhere, so that Truth may prevail.
He, through His Universal Church, through His beloved Pope Benedict, brings Truth everywhere so that the eyes of the blinded will see and the deafened will hear and the hearts of everyone will embrace the Truth.
My adored son does this through His Mother and Queen, The Immaculate Conception, for He fulfilled all things in taking Flesh and Blood through me, just as He drew all things to Himself when crucified and hanging from our Cross.
The Holy Spirit works everywhere placing Truth in the hearts of people everywhere ...
... so that His Era of Love and Harmony will flourish in every heart and spirit.
Come Holy Spirit.
17-Feb-09    It delights The Eternal-father to share His Power and His Glory in defeating the deceiver
'Little son of The Immaculate Conception.
My own little son who assists me in my Triumph for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
How wonderful, how delightful, how glorious, how gratifying is it, that we, you and I and all of my children have won the world, in this era, for our Lord and Saviour, my Divine-son.
It is a delight to our Creator, to our Father, to The Spirit of God, to give us the power to participate in this Triumph for Jesus, even though we do this by Jesus' Infinite Merits.
It delights The Eternal-father to share His Power and His Glory in defeating the deceiver, the evil-one, the one-who-hates.
And with joy and enthusiasm we may now look forward to a long Era of Peace, The Era of The Spirit ...
... where His Harmony will over-shadow the nations;
... where The Catholic-eucharist will become the Food of Eternal-life;
... where The Church will assume Her rights and privileges, becoming the Light for the world.
Come Holy Spirit.
I join with my beloved spouse Joseph who is himself enthroned in Paradise and with the Archangel of loyalty and power, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, in pleading The Spirit of God to fully assume His Glory on earth.
Join us, little children.
Look to The Spirit - Who comes.'
7-Mar-09    And also you will find the amazing virtues of my spouse, the great Patriarch Joseph
'Son of mine - little son of The Eternal-father Who loves you so very much.

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