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He has His reasons for loving you, for His Kingdom is one of Love
... while also of Truth
... and Goodness.
In these Virtues of The Godhead Heaven exists, for we abide in God.
To these Virtues The Almighty has added The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son and into these Merits Jesus has drawn the perfections of His disciples ...
... perfections gained through His Passion, His Cross.
Therefore therein, you will find my Immaculate Conception and the other honours given to me and embraced by me.
And also you will find the amazing virtues of my spouse, the great Patriarch Joseph and those of The Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael ...
... and those of all the Angels and Saint.
The Almighty has ordained that these virtues of His Children, joined with and in His Son's, are embraced by Him, becoming part and parcel of The Kingdom.
What glory for God's Children!
What dignity for God's Children!
This glory and this dignity - everlasting glory and dignity - is most easily obtained through suffering.
Yes, suffering in obedience and humility in imitation of The Christ, gains God's Favour.'
12-Mar-09   Truth will be the key to the Era of Peace
'Little son of mine. Little champion of my Immaculate Conception.
Be at ease - in Peace - for the mercy of Jesus, The Christ, is upon you.
His mercy descends upon this suffering world which has brought upon itself every horror and ugliness.
The suffering of every person in the world is a prayer to The Almighty Who will cull the deceptions out of the affairs of man ...
... and replace them with Truth.
And Truth will set them free.
Truth will be the key to the Era of Peace brought about by the victory for Jesus by my humble children around the world ...
... through their adoration of Christ in the Holy Eucharist;
... through their constant prayer of The Rosary'
... through their obedience to The Bishop of Rome.
The revolt of man against his Creator has resulted in so numerous atrocities against God and against himself that the pathetic scenario of a lost race presents itself before Heaven.
God relents, for such a foolish race can only bring mercy and pity.
Thus we observe that any success of the camel is always self-defeating, for evil is a form of insanity that brings suffering upon itself and suffering brings mercy.
Be sure my children, to embrace this mercy that God showers upon His earth.'
27-Mar-09     We, the heavenly Host, join with Joseph in this appeal ...
'Dear little son of The Eternal-father, Who loves you in a particular and special way ...
... you being 'the little straw'.
Come my son, embrace this Peace which is given you from the Hands of The Lord - my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation.
Embrace this Power and Glory that He shares with you through me, The Immaculate Conception ...
... but in a more meaningful way, through my beloved spouse, St. Joseph, Patron of The Church, perfectly reflecting The Spirit of Love.
Because he reflects The Spirit this Era of The Spirit is also the Era of Joseph ...
... and so it is good for the whole world that Joseph is implored for his help and intercession before The Spirit.
Join with me and let us beseech Joseph to bring Peace to every nation - to every individual ...
... expelling all evil from the world
... bringing a new heaven and a new earth.
We, the heavenly Host, join with Joseph in this appeal ...
... through The Infinite Merits of Jesus
... so that my Triumph for Him may be replete.
Persevere in patience for the influence of my children on earth is tremendous before the Throne of The Almighty.
I bless you - I bless all of my children - in the Name of The Father and of The Son and especially, in the Name of The Holy Spirit.'
13-Jun-09  I have accompanied my adored Son during His Era of Truth
'Little son of the Heavenly-host - my son.
I lay upon you, again and continually, my Immaculate Conception ...
... a Gift to me by The Eternal-father
... for The Son
... by The Spirit-of-power.
My Immaculate Conception is a Gift to all creation, just as the perfections of Adam and Eve were a wonderful Gift to all of us.
But it was from the evils of man - out of the sins man brought upon himself - out of the mal-functioning the camel gave to man - that The Father drew this great Gift of my Immaculate Conception.
Thus the Gift exceeded even that given to Adam and Eve.
And, with the conception of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, in my immaculate womb, this Gift was even made greater then ever.
With the Birth of my adored Son and His growth to manhood under my care, as well as my accompanying Him beside His Cross even to Calvary, the Gift of my Immaculate Conception was made yet greater again, so that, in Heaven, The most-holy Trinity presented me to all creation as Queen of Heaven.
With me was and is, the great Patriarch Joseph, my Spouse and Jesus' Father and likewise is Joseph given the Crown of Glory, in Heaven.
I have accompanied my adored Son during His Era of Truth and, in His Infinite Merits, gained a wonderful Triumph for Him - with my children of all generations.

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