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And now that we have entered into the Era of Harmony with The Spirit, Joseph now takes his place of victory, with The Spirit, drawing upon creation the new heavens and the new earth - the new Jerusalem.'
17-Jun-09   Do we not bring you the Gifts of The Infinite Merits of Jesus
'O son of mine. Little son so subject to temptation - so frail before the powers of evil!
Yet, be at Peace my son, for your Guardian Angel is more then capable of protecting you - body, soul, person.
But you have also the Heavenly-host who join you in your prayer.
You have your Mother - me - The Immaculate Conception, Joseph and The loyal Archangel.
You need not fear.
Even then, there is more, for do we not bring you the Gifts of The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
even the Gifts of His very Own Power and Authority.
It is for this reason that Jesus came into creation, that He might share His Divinity with all of my children.
Jesus really does share His Humanity with us so that we share His Divinity.
It is a fabulous Gift from The Lord and suits the Majesty of The Holy Trinity
in that Father, Son and Spirit give of Their Totality.
With The Trinity, there is no half measure. All Actions of God are absolute, beyond improvement, for all eternity!
Sharing The Divinity is the Design of God for all of my children, forever.
Praise God. To Praise Him is a joyous thing. Amen.'
18-Jul-09    The Golden Gate is Open
'Little son, so confused in your unworthiness mixed it seems, in the great dignity given you by my adored Son, Jesus The Christ and by His Mother
by me, The Immaculate Conception.
It is the reduced state of humanity, coming out of Adam's disobedience that reduces man to his unworthiness.
This unworthiness is worsened by his own sin on top of the disobedience of Adam. And you, little warrior, are no different.
Yet The Eternal-father has His plan for my little warrior, that of being the little straw that broke the camel's back.
This, as I have explained to you, has already been done - his back is broken.
The Eternal-father, as His tiny straw, also requires you to open the golden gate to the new Era of Harmony. I am this golden gate and you are the key which has opened it to the Era of The Spirit.
The golden gate is open!
The new Era is upon mankind which now enters from the Era of Truth, the Era of The Christ.
Yet the camel remains amongst my children who seek to pass though the golden gate. His deceptions still linger around the world and most of humanity remain blinded to The Truth of Christ and His Church
to my Immaculate Conception.
The next step in our entrance to The Era of Love, is the removal of the camel and his evil horde and then true sight of mind and body and soul will return to mankind and the fullness of The Spirit's Harmony will consume every human heart.
Persevere little son, in your prayer for my complete triumph and for
the new heavens and the new earth
for the fulfilment of Jesus' prophecy
if I be lifted up, I will draw all things to myself.
He has drawn all things up to Himself on The Cross of Golgotha, including the past and the future.
Rejoice with me, my son, for Jesus' Triumph proceeds for the glory of God.'
5-Oct-09    Suffering is a potential Grace from The Almighty and is an incomparable prayer when welcomed with open arms
'Little son of The Woman of Scripture.
Little warrior of The Immaculate Conception - my son.
Suffering is a potential Grace from The Almighty and is an incomparable prayer when welcomed with open arms
just as did Jesus when He embraced The Cross.
Suffering not only moves the world to pity but comes before The Almighty as a plea for His Mercy, His Peace and for a sharing of His Power and Glory.
Those who suffer little are to be pitied for they are missing great and wonderful Graces.
It is true that this Era of The Spirit brings harmony and delight, and suffering will virtually disappear, but this Gift of God is only because the world has suffered so much and this, joined to The Suffering of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
And suffering will come again upon the world when its puts aside Jesus' Gift of world Peace and Mercy. Then Jesus will come Himself, to end evil's reign forever.
Be pleased then, little son, that you bear a little suffering, even as you complain just a bit, for this is a welcome contribution to Salvation for the universe. Remember suffering is a medicine for man's sinfulness and always brings God's pity and Mercy upon every one of my children.
The Infinite Merits won by Jesus' Suffering came about because of His Sinlessness and His Divinity and so my children should also be sinless and filled with Grace so that their sufferings move the heavenly Host.
Every tiny suffering is a treasure beyond compare and I gather these treasures and join them to Jesus' Salvation-through-suffering.
Let Peace fill your person regardless of your suffering and remember the time left to gain great Gifts is short.'
30-Oct-09    his 'success' actually allowed The Almighty to raise mankind to an even higher level of excellence
'My little son and warrior.
I thank you for supporting your heavenly Mother when so many have cast me aside and even shunned me and insulted me.
It is a sign of the opposition to my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation
He for Whom all creation was brought forth.
It is a sign of the rejection of The Almighty.
To this incredible extent, has the deception of the camel been so very successful.
But my son, this 'success' is an illusion not only to the camel's minions but also to the camel, himself, for The Almighty has all things under His infinite control.

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