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Just as the camel, in his 'success' in deceiving Adam and Eve, was disillusioned when he found that The Christ was the very Son of God and that his 'success' actually allowed The Almighty to raise mankind to an even higher level of excellence
even beyond the former perfection of the camel.
Through Jesus' Infinite Merits the sin of Adam was absolutely turned about for the eternal glory of mankind.
I, The Immaculate Conception, am a proof of Jesus' routing of the camel as well as the Saints in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo.
The complete routing of the camel is about to reach the second stage whereby an Era of Peace and Harmony is upon the world and a superb triumph for The Church of Benedict is already flowering everywhere.'
9-Nov-09     Persevere my child for The Almighty has all matters under control
'My little son. Be, in Peace
be, in the Mercy of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation
Master of all creation
Possessor of all creation
brought into existence only for Him
by The Eternal-father
by Love.
Son of The Eternal-father, brother of Jesus, I do bring you joy and delight.
You say I am 'delight-personified' but this is so, for Jesus, through Jesus, for the sake of creation
for I am indeed, Co-redemptrix.
Persevere my child for The Almighty has all matters under control for the sake of souls and He draws time and space to the point
of the fullness of The Era of Love and Harmony.
The whole world yearns for this Era of The Spirit for it is The Era of Peace.
Most particularly do my children of the Holy Rosary yearn for this Peace for Holy Church, the Light of the world.
Be assured then that this fullness of The Spirit's Era is upon the world
in spite of the world and its evils; its deceptions and its rejection of God and His Christ.
Even though this be true my children everywhere are drawing upon all peoples the Graces of god and His Mercy, Who desires to remove the awful sufferings that the world inflicts upon itself.
These sufferings make an appeal to God's Mercy drawing the very Power of His Love upon man.
Persevere my children, for you perseverance is the vital prayer that saves mankind.'
19-Nov-09      The little straw in a hay stack is impossible to find.

'Little warrior of mine, my son
my true son
son of The Immaculate Conception.
Be not concerned that you do not perform miracles that the world can see, or that you carry out no marvellous feats or speeches.
No. These are not for you.
It is for you to be little, unknown - even contemptible - before the world.
Thus I have given you - at the very desire of Jesus - the great Princess of Heaven, Assunta
whose humility remains to this very day, for she is still unknown and hidden.
Yet Assunta has revealed herself to you so that you have her most precious help as the little Straw-of-God.
The Little-straw! How can a little straw be noticed by anyone, even if pointed out?
The little straw in a hay stack is impossible to find.
But - even as you feel comfortable to be unknown - The Eternal-father has Work for you
and at a certain time your ignominy will vanish and He will raise you up before the world
as He will also do for His beloved Princess.
Then you will be drawn before the world, no longer a Little-straw, but as The Key to the new Era of The Spirit.
Even in this, in what I say, I draw you out of your comfort zone in which you are pleased to stay
remaining unknown to the world, even to family and friends.
Be content that you are on the path I lead you, the Path to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Persevere amidst the tiny crosses you are asked to bear.
But my son, you may look forward towards a different time, a day when I will bring you out of your comfort for the world to see.'

8-Jan-10   Each person has incomprehensible value before the Throne of God
'Little son. Little warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
Thank you for your continued loyalty and perseverance, for I need your assistance
I need the assistance of all of my children around the world
each one.
Each of my children are very important to Jesus The Christ, my adored Son and indeed, to the most Holy Trinity.
Each person has incomprehensible value before the Throne of God.
Each of my children . (interrupted)

24-Jan-10   We must conclude the final skirmishes because evil does not surrender
'Little son of The Eternal-father
my son.
I call you son, to my aid for the combat with evil continues even though his defeat is accomplished.
We must conclude the final skirmishes because evil does not surrender and all remains have to be eliminated.
The saying is true - one rotten apple ruins all in the case.
Yes, the conflict continues until all evil is removed from the planet, so that the promised Peace of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, spreads around the world.
My victory for Jesus brings this Peace and we, my children and I, gain this victory
through His Infinite Merits.

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