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Musings 2002/157

I should say 'The Universal Church was in big trouble', because modernism is defeated; post-modernism has been defeated.

The Church leaders that still linger around
and still embrace modernist values
are so out of date
that they are embarrassing.

You know, if we are going to have apostates and heretics, why can't they be up to date, instead of using old and worn out arguments, now rejected in the rest of the world, even by their fellow deceivers? But it's the old story, Australia follows the rest of the world.
While USA, for example, is discarding modernism as an abject failure, we in some parts of Australia, are just getting into the rhythm of things!
Numerous Dioceses around the western world, once bathed in the ugliness of modernism, are emerging once more into the wonderful, salvific and pure light of Catholicism.

They have discovered Pope John Paul II
and the exquisite Doctrine he proclaims
and which has been proclaimed
since Christ, Himself.

But, in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, we are having to cope with modernists who are the replicas of those heretics outlined in Yes Prime Minister, nearly 20 years ago!

'Catholic' Education

In Hearts are, 2002/156, the last edition, I reported the old sage as mentioning the sad facts about several high school students he spoke to. They were male and female students going to our local 'Catholic' school, and they displayed a sad knowledge of the Faith they once would have known reasonably well - i.e. had they been educated 30 years ago. Certainly they seemed uneducated with regard to Sunday Mass attendance and the Real Presence.
Now, those who know the old sage, know also that he is concerned for children of this era, especially Catholic children and the
lack of Catholic education they have. Of course, he is concerned for all Catholics and the insane attack still being launched by modernists in backward areas, upon the Doctrines of The Church.
So, in trying to discuss their Faith with these young adults, the old sage was seeking to help them.
Of course he was.
He was trying to do something for them, little as it may be in the few minutes they had together, even if he could just help them with one little piece of good advise!
While the leaders of The Church in this Archdiocese, especially in the education arena, fail disgracefully to help children in their Faith, here we have the old sage grabbing a small window of opportunity to try to do something for them; souls lost in nonsense and deception with regard to The Catholic Faith.
I, for one, was proud of the old sage for this small effort. I could perceive his love for these young people and the hope he had that they might be given an avenue to Truth. I could perceive his fatherly tenderness which came forth from his conversation with, and questions to, them.
Anyone for that matter, with just a basic sense of reality, and the smallest injection of goodwill, would also perceive the same things.
Not our Parish Priest, however, who
received a complaint from St. John' College, about one student feeling so intimidated (by the old sage) that the student will not be coming back to Mass here again.
What should the Parish Priest do in such a matter? The answer is  fairly obvious. He would get full details of what transpired in the old sage's conversation with the young people. He would get to the bottom of just why the student felt intimidated. He would seek the reasons for the complaint and ensure the complainer was one he could believe.
And then he would speak the old sage and, with the greatest charity, put the matter to him to get his full response.
From these actions, the PP would then decide his position. If necessary, he would get other advice or assistance.
Wouldn't he?
Any fair minded person would do exactly that, but especially in a Parish situation.
The PP however, in his letter to the old sage - part of which I have already quoted above - made the incredible statement:
I do not know the details of what was said to the students. L
But that's just the beginning. Not knowing the details of the alleged intimidation, the PP then proceeds to advise the old sage that he (the PP) cannot tolerate any hint of pressure, intimidation or harassment of any kind towards any person in this parish.
He hints at a serious abuse of trust by sage. L
I have before me, a faxed copy of this most hurtful letter.
Jumping the Gun.
To sum up. A complaint was laid against a fellow Catholic emanating from a 'Catholic' school - which could mean any one of the numerous persons attending the school, teachers or students - a kangaroo trial was conducted, seemingly by the PP, in the absence of the accused, without an iota of evidence, except for a vindictive accusation, and the sentence was handed down and the punishment meted out!!!
Who can not be incredulous at this scandal?!
And this by a Priest who is wary of real Catholics, suggesting by this, as well as his association with and support of  other Priests of the modernist ilk, that he has tendencies towards outdated modernism!
It is well known that modernism is not averse to using
pressure, intimidation or harassment to further its spread of deception. Most certainly, modernism is the greatest source from which a serious abuse of trust would be generated.
Modernists. in authority throughout The Church over the past century, have made it their greatest achievement - this
serious abuse of trust.
To them, it became a work of art.
I can only repeat the question. Is this the old, old story, used endlessly by those of the modernist ilk, of accusing real Catholics of their own vices?
Personal Agenda
That is the unjust thrust of the awful letter, but the poorly disguised accusation of using a Parish activity involving children as a platform for the purposes of some personal agenda, is also made against sage, in the same letter.
What might a person think on reading such words? The imagination cuts loose because of the loose innuendoes and murky accusations found in the letter.
There was a time in The Catholic Church in Queensland when a person would have heaps of praise thrust upon him, should he try to help young people in the Faith. School teachers of real Catholic schools would have rang him and thanked him sincerely. Parents would have thanked God for such good neighbours who so cared for their children.
But in this day when modernism has scattered its treacheries and apostate poison in the very veins of some dioceses in this great state, the person, in this case the old sage, is attacked as if he were the treacherous and apostatic modernist!!
As the reader might be able to guess, I am not pleased. However, I do detect a strong protective attitude of the PP for the children of his Parish - yes, protect them from good Doctrine!
But the old sage himself would come up with the right thing to do.
May God bless the PP and this Parish and bring us true unity, is what he would say.
The Proverbial Brick Wall

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