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Musings 2002/157

Instead, he should be saying that scientific doctrine must not contradict Catholic Doctrine. Then, maybe, science might do a lot more good for the world.
Somehow or other, this deception ignores the fact that God created the whole universe and therefore and investigation into any part of this universe, in any way, shape or form, must come to the discoveries of laws and energies and basic fabric just as God created them.
It is that simple.
Just because many of the scientific world choose to ignore the existence of supernatural phenomena  or claim it does not exist, or even work on the assumption that God does not exist, means they deprive themselves of wonderful facts on which to investigate.
For example, God made the universe and therefore we are able to perceive the glory and greatness of God in His creation.
9. God made the world to show His power and wisdom and to help us to reach our home in heaven. Penny Catechism.
From this fact, we can glean the further fact that the universe is created in the likeness of God, because it reflects Him and His glory. How else would God create the universe? In what other likeness or on what other plan, would He create it?
Thus, if science looked at the Catholic Doctrine on God, it would perceive that God is The Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is One Being but Three Persons.
From this Doctrine science can then perceive that the universe is made up of three basic fabrics.
Each of The Three Divine Persons has a divine Energy, therefore each of the three basic fabrics of the universe also has an energy.
And so on.
On the other hand, the atheist would have it that science does not believe that creation reflects a god at all, here being no God in his view, and so all ideologies and doctrines even of The Church must reject the idea of God and of The Creator!!!!!
There are 'Catholic' 'theologians' who would not argue with this!
However, the real evil of science comes out when atheistic science rejects the Ten Commandments which The Church teaches are imprinted by God in the heart of every person. The Holy Pope we have in Rome, maintains that the world is in dire need of returning to the Ten Commandments, as do the fathers of the 10th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in their
P  28. And you, young people, you are "sentinels of the morning". It is Pope John Paul II who gave you this name. How is the Lord of history asking you to build a civilisation of love? You have a keen sense of what honesty and sincerity require. You do not want to be caught up into divisive ethnic struggles nor poisoned by the gangrene of corruption. How can we be disciples of Jesus together and put into practice Christ's teachings on the Mount of the Beatitudes? The Ten Commandments written in your hearts are not superseded by these teachings. These Beatitudes give the Commandments a vitality and a radiant inspiration that can win hearts .P


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