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Musings 2002/159

proof of them, which always seeks and directs our devotion to Mary and the Blessed, by and with whom we might raise ourselves, in their perfect company, to the great heights that God The Father has set for us.
A New Type of Debt Redemption
It is true, we are hopelessly unable to even begin to repay our debt to Mary, nor to innumerable others, let alone to Jesus Christ and to our Triune Creator.
It can be no other way, because God is the absolute Source and all creation issues from Him and so, all creation receives being from Him - thus indebted to Him, totally and always.
However, we are enabled to make a new form of debt redemption, so to speak, to the Creator.
This is achieved by co-operation with Him in saving souls.
In assisting in saving another soul for Christ, that soul becomes indebted to us in the same fashion as has been described. But, isn't that a credit to us in the general ledger of life, where we have so many debits beside our names?
What a grand achievement it is to assist in saving someone's soul! Surely it is not possible that such a soul attains Eternal life, while the person who assists him/her is lost in hell? Perhaps then, in saving one soul, we have a guarantee of Eternal life ourselves?
This total indebtedness to our Creator, it seems to me, is what rankles the man of pride, who finds it impossible to accept and tolerate the truth of it; flatly refuses acceptance! He can not tolerate the fact that he issues forth from nothing and that he has nothing but that it has been given him!
Perhaps this is the reason why the deception that the cosmos is God is attractive to the same people, for in this deception, they attempt to believe that man is evolving towards a god-head! That man in thus god! Therefore there is no need to be obliged to God; no need to adore Him.
There is only one need: self-adoration!
Perhaps also, the reluctance to accept our indebtedness to God is at the reasoning behind some scientists who are desperate to create, themselves, a new life-form! They are desperate to get to the bottom-line of how life comes about and what it is made of.
This desperation can be perceived in the bulldozing determination to experiment, regardless of consequence, with aborted children and on the bodies of conceived persons trapped in the deep freezers of scientists.
In their successes with the identification of DNA, of stem cell progresses and associated research, some feel the time is close when they can bring forth a new creation in the animal world.
Unfortunately, if this event ever comes to pass, such people will still not be satisfied because, regardless, they are forced always to use matter already created. They must use the basic fabrics given to us by God.
Even then, these basic fabrics of the physical world require, for the world of humans, a spirit to give life and movement and response.
Not believing in the spiritual world, they are destined for dead ends and failures.
If It Can Be Done.
It is God's infinite Generosity which brings about the indebtedness I mention herein.
This Generosity is beyond our comprehension, altogether. However, we do catch glimpses of the Truth.
That being so, it seems to me that this Generosity comes about because of God's Motto -
If it can be done, We'll do it.
This 'motto' comes from my own imagination.
That is how I understand the amazing Truth that God, having no need of creation at all, being absolute and fulfilled in The Godhead, nevertheless goes ahead and brings forth the universe.
A universe that must be a bit of a nuisance to Him, what with His most glorious angel rejecting Him and declaring war on Him with a legion of treacherous followers! What with His human creatures running amok, thumbing their noses at Him! What with having to become a creature Himself and undergo sufferings inflicted upon Him by these very same rebellious creatures!
When The Son took from Mary - His sole joy of perfection - a body and soul, He didn't need to embrace The Cross! Just to be born and die a happy death was enough. He would have returned directly to Heaven and opened the way for all mankind to follow in His Way.
But no, He suffered every indignity - physical torture, contempt, jest and laughter and derision, betrayal, desertion - and He suffered these awful things in a body and soul that was meant for a Garden of Eden; not for this dark and bruised jungle.
So it was -
it can be done, so We'll do it!
Of course, had Christ raised Himself to luxury and power and royalty, every age would have rubbished Him for taking the easy life while the rest of us suffered on!
God must be crazy.
We certainly can not accuse Christ of living in luxury and royalty! In fact, looking upon The Crucified Christ, we are more likely to be amazed and bewilded that He has suffered so much, while we suffer so little - especially when He died for our offences against God.
We might even agonise, in self pity, at His enormous sufferings because then, we must ask
Why should we suffer any less?
So, not only did He create us mortals who would have provided unending regrets to anyone else, but He also decreed that His creatures would be raised to the highest perfection!
No, it is not madness! It is Divine Generosity mixed with Eternal-patience.
And what is this
highest perfection? It is The God-head!
God's plan is that we should share His glory and power, His wisdom and goodness, His love and harmony!
Where there are Three Persons in The Godhead, He has decreed that there will be a multitude of persons in The Godhead, namely, His creatures!
it can be done if we become One in Jesus Christ, in His Mystical Body, for becoming One in Christ we become One in The Second-person, and thus can be raised to Divinity, Itself.
The Real Presence
We can best become one in Christ, even here on earth, by joining ourselves to in the Holy Eucharist, where He has remained with us..
This Real Presence of Jesus Christ has been a source of much argument and dissension over the 20 centuries during which The Lord has remained at our side, in the Tabernacles of The Catholic Church - or in the homes of the earliest Christians.
The teaching of The Church on the Real Presence is clear and is a requirement for membership. Those claiming membership in The Church today, who no longer believe, have lost track, somehow, somewhere, of their spiritual certificates which prove membership.
The Real Presence of Christ in the consecrated Bread from Heaven, consists of His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.
This is Church doctrine and explains why Catholics adore Christ in the Eucharist.
The Church assures us that the consumption of the sacred Bread is not an act of cannibalism, explaining Christ's sacramental Presence as that of the risen Lord. It is the risen Lord, glorified in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, Who allows us to approach Him in Communion; Who comes upon the Catholic altar at the words of consecration by the Priest:
This is my body.
No one pretends to understand this Mystery. It is only by the teaching authority of The Church, made infallible in the Pope and the Bishops united to him, that we can glimpse the Truth.

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