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Musings 2002/159

then once in the past.
But he is obliged to issue his letter to give the rebellious clergy and laity, who continue in their stance -
I will not serve - a chance to return to the Faith.
He is laying it on the line for them - again.
What patience he has with these 'Catholics' who defy him again and again and continuously; who defy his Magisterium with blatancy and pride. What sort of miraculous hope he has for these 'Catholics'! What stupendous charity and understanding!
Where many of us would have got out the firing squad, John Paul offers open arms of love and peace! Where many of us would have sent out the trouble-shooters with orders to take no prisoners, John Paul sends out invitations to the feast!
But even so, it seems to me that, in this ultra important letter - a world changing document - the holy Father has shown a new forcefulness. Not a forcefulness that says
obey me or be punished, but a forcefulness that says I urge you to help me because time is not on your side!
Even in his forcefulness, I detect a greater charity from one who is most aware, more then any other, of world events and of spiritual progress; of God's Will; of the grave sinfulness of mankind; of the desperate needs within The Church.
He knows that modernism and post-modernism are dead things and that those who wilfully cling to these deceptions face a peril, themselves, and lead others to the same peril.


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