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Musings 2002/160

and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it;
and I will give to thee the keys
of the kingdom of heaven;
and whatever thou shalt bind on earth
shall be bound in heaven;
and whatever thou shalt loose on earth
shall be loosed in heaven. P

In this - Matthew 16:18-19 - and in other readings we find that Christ has given His very Own power to The Universal Church, in Peter, His Pope, and the Bishops united to Peter.
That is to say, that the dire necessity of conforming oneself to the wondrous and delightful Will of God, is found also in conforming oneself to The Church.

This co-operation
with The Church
is a truly wonderful gift from God

The Church is here on earth where we can see Her and touch Her: we can Hear Her and easily discover Her precepts, which are the very same precepts of God, given in His name.
This is so, for The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. The Church is the visible society on earth which is the forerunner and indeed, the reality, of the Kingdom of God.
God makes it so easy and fruitful to co-operate with His precepts, by way of giving us The Church which explains these precepts. In Christ's words we have a rock solid guarantee from God that, if we follow the precepts of His Church, we will never go astray!
Way to go!
The precepts of The Church have been around for two thousand years and an investigation into them by anyone of sane mind, discovers God's guiding hand in them.
Even today, when we look in wonder at the majesty of John Paul's leadership in all spheres, it is not difficult at all, to realise that he has, indeed, the divine gift of infallibility at his command.
They Will Not Serve
Having in mind these clear, simple and sure facts, obvious now but also in history, I often muse at this in some wonderment when considering those self-proclaimed Catholics who have decided to reject Church teaching.

They think that they have come up with
a better plan of salvation!

The leaders of these 'Catholics' who promote these old, disgraced, rejected but rejuvenated defective theologies - of their new superior religion, in their unbalanced view - go hammer and thong, from daylight to dusk and often throughout the night, to spread their fallacies and new-age deceptions!
They claim the right to dissent from Church teaching!!
I say it again: I muse at this in some wonderment!
'Catholics' who associate themselves with a Church which claims infallibility, deciding that they must, in all good conscience, dissent from Her precepts!
In all good conscience?! Catholics?!
These 'Catholics' are self-contradictory, deluding themselves and anyone who may come under their treacherous umbrella of insanity.
I have, with others who pledge loyalty to Pope John Paul, often discussed this incredible phenomena, where 'Catholics' who actually seem to be acting in good conscience and appear to be of excellent character, of sane intelligence, come out against The very Church to which they claim to belong!
We ask one another:
How can they be so blind? What have they done with their early Catholic education which they now reject? Why do they have motives and agendas that defy, ridicule and undermine Catholicism which they claim to embrace? What possessed them to suddenly reverse their sure progress in God's precepts, to embrace an anti-Catholic way of life?
How can they sleep at night when they lead real Catholics away from their Faith? Why are they not terrified at the mere though of facing their Creator with the most grave treachery of leading His children away from Truth?
We come up with various answers, all of them true to some degree, but there is always the feeling of incredulousness.

This incredulousness refers
to the obvious, blatant blindness
which these 'Catholics' exhibit!

The New Era
However, wherever we look within The Universal Church

we observe that modernism
(and pro-modernism
and post-modernism - whatever),
has been given the last rites.

The six foot hole has been dug - the grave - and burial is imminent.
Evidence of the Fall of Modernism
Evidence (a)
The recent Code of Canon Law requirement - not demanded for the first time - that professors, teachers and others who teach or preach on The Church's behalf, sign a profession of loyalty to Catholic dogma and ordinary teaching, is a clear writing on the wall for the apostates.
Evidence (b) The Catechism of The Catholic Church (CCC) is another nail in modernism's coffin for it provides sure and plentiful Catholic doctrine for the ordinary Catholic trying to keep a solid foundation to his Faith. The CCC is available for use by real Catholics in supporting their genuine desires for proper Catholic rites and activity. It is being quoted extensively by them in their endeavours to squash all anti-Catholic activity from their Parishes. Even while their quotations as yet do not sway many a modernist leader, who still clings to his outdated theories, nevertheless

the CCC is another pillar of strength
that can not be overcome.

Evidence (c) The new controls exercised over the misguided ICEL (International Commission on English in the Liturgy), which sabotaged translations and brought forth their own version of Liturgy, will ensure that English speaking Catholics will be rewarded with full and wholesome Liturgies. The Pope has called for swift action in implementing true and holy translations into English of all abused liturgical documents.
How real Catholics long for this!
Evidence (d) The real, exquisite teachings of Vatican Council Two are being acknowledged more and more and are receiving greater consideration, not only by good theologians but also by the ordinary Catholic.

This is real danger for modernism
for they have pronounced loud and long
on the 'spirit' of Vatican Two,
but never, ever got round to talking
about its actual great doctrines!

The imagined modernist 'spirit' of Vatican Two is being replaced by the wonderful truth of the documents, revealing

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