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Musings 2002/160

the true Catholic Spirit of Vatican Two which totally opposes that proposed by the apostates for the past forty years - but even beyond that, too.
Evidence (e) Numerous documents from The Church's Magisterium have been issued for the purpose of ridding itself of the apostasy, unfortunately not always to any great avail. While these documents have made somewhat of a difference, they were simply ignored in many western nations by those for whom they were meant. However, documents issued from the Pope himself are much more difficult to be ignored and his latest directive Misericordia Dei, dealing with that most holy Sacrament of Penance (printed in full in our last issue), was yet another successful squeezing-out effort that compels pro-modernists to ponder their immediate future and, of course, their everlasting destination.
Perhaps the died-in-the-wool modernist will not be moved, except to devise new means of crippling The Universal Church, but it becomes more and more clear that their end is near.
Evidence (f) The new General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) is another extremely important document which must surely be published shortly. This definitive guideline for the wholesome conduct of Holy Mass is expected to put yet another cap on modernist intrusions.
In the past, modernists and their followers have placed a high regard on GIRM because it seemed to allow some authenticity to their misbehaviours. That high regard is shortly to backfire on them and the previous pretence thereby gained will be withdrawn from their evil manoeuvres.
Evidence (g) The appointment of Bishops to overseer Catholic bishoprics around the world has been brought back to basic common sense.

No longer do we see modernist Priests
being elevated to the dignity
of Apostle of The Church.

The Pope and his close associates in the Work of Salvation, have found that the method of selecting Priests for this honour has often been manipulated by the apostates!
Most pitiably and awfully has the Vatican discovered - thankfully - that apostates have all too often been nominated for the College!

No longer do we see Judases
being elevated to the Bishop's throne.

Evidence (h) The laity, everywhere, are rising up. With great sadness - and even incredulity -

lay men and women everywhere
are discovering the devastating truth
that, after all, all Priests
all of the time
can no longer be trusted
to proclaim the true Catholic Doctrine!!

How this fact devastates the real Catholic, who has relied for so long on the advice and instruction of his Priest.
Indeed, the real Catholic, in backward areas such as our own archdiocese of Brisbane, still dominated by this outdated modernism, hears these advises and these instructions with the view that, probably, what the Priest says will have to be checked out and proven
because the chances are
that there is deception
somewhere in his words!

I believe that I have never made such a sad statement
in my entire life,
as I have just made immediately above,
because the Priesthood of Jesus Christ
is so grand, so exquisite, so delightful
and of Divinity Itself, in its parameters
particularly in the fact that they exercise
the very Priesthood of Christ, Himself.

Padre Pio, amongst the greatest Saints of the twentieth century, himself a Priest and a stigmatist, stated in emphatic terms, that the world could better do without the sun then without the Eucharist generated upon Catholic Altars around the planet, by Christ's Priests!
Evidence (i) Devotion to Mary, Mother of Jesus, even as modernism tries to squash it, has flowered everywhere.
While it would seem, in such sad regions as our own, that this devotion has been almost eliminated, the fact of the matter is that, though few in number, these devotees have been forced to mature in courage and strength; often these few do considerably more in defeating modernism as compared to the many elsewhere, who are somewhat complacent.
However, while these may seem few in number, the fact is that there are many, even here, who retain devotion to Mary and the Saints. It is simply that they are silent and patient, content to be anonymous.
The Pope and his Magisterium, the Bishops united to him, and the great majority of Priests and religious around the world - The Universal Church Herself - remains, as always, ever devoted to Mary and the Saints who remain part of Christ's Mystical Body.
The devotion to Mary is a key issue to
the red dragon of Apocalypse for it is she and her children who are victors over him and his repulsive horde - And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire and them that had overcome the beast and his image and the number of his name. Apoc. 15:2. These that had overcome the beast are those children of The Woman, her seed who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Apoc. 12:17.
This devotion is a key issue, also, to
the serpent of Genesis, for it is she who shall crush thy head and thou shall lie in wait for her heel. Gen. 3:15 This occurs because I will put enmities between thee - the serpent - and the woman and between thy seed and her seed.
The all-out attack by evil, particularly during the twentieth century, upon
the woman and her seed has been a dismal failure.
This dismal failure is a certain sign that the evil of modernism has come to its end, in total defeat.
Evidence (j) As already noted above, the Pope remains secure in his leadership of Christianity and his teachings remain as Catholic as they were 2,000 years ago.
This wonderful and comforting evidence is another punishing notification to modernism of its demise.
Evidence (k-z) And so on and on.
Wherever one looks, the evidence is quite clear:
the day of the devil is done.
Cosmic Connection
If we look at the entire universe which God created and consider its progress from the instant it was brought forth from nothing, we find amazing movements in the cosmos.
As God designed the entire universe for specific reasons, the main one being to bring forth creatures capable of recognising Him, He set it in motion like a man sets his ship, towards specific destinations, in time, in space and in occurrences.
In this article, I muse over one specific occurrence.
Within this vast seemingly unending universe, at a specific moment in its history, at a specific point in its vastness, events were moving towards a specific situation - the conception of Mary.

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