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Musings 2002/160

That is, The Immaculate Conception.
Scripture begins with God creating His universe 'day' by 'day' until the day arrived for the creation of Adam and Eve. We read the history of their betrayal in the Garden of Eden, closing Heaven to all mankind.
Mankind proceeds forward getting itself ever more confirmed and entangled in the darkness of evil and of the evil-one.
God shaping His people Israel got under-way, leading them and cajoling them; teaching them about Himself and His creation.
In reading a small section of A. C. Emmerich's exquisite books we obtain an insight into the minute arrangements of God's undeniable vision for mankind.
P And now I saw Eve draw near to Adam, and offer him the fruit. Had he refused it, sin would not have been committed. I saw the fruit break, as it were, in Adam's hand. He saw pictures in it, and it was as if he and Eve were instructed upon what they should not have known. The interior of the fruit was blood-red and full of veins. I saw Adam and Eve losing their brilliancy and diminishing in stature. It was as if the sun went down. The animal glided down the tree, and I saw it running off on all fours.
I did not see the fruit taken into the mouth as we now take food in eating, but it disappeared between Adam and Eve.
I saw that while the serpent was still in the tree, Eve sinned, for her consent was with the temptation. I learned also at that moment what I cannot clearly repeat; namely, that the serpent was, as it were, the embodiment of Adam and Eve's will, a being by which they could do all things, could attain all things. Here it was that Satan entered.
Sin was not completed by eating the forbidden fruit. But that fruit from the tree which, rooting its branches in the earth thus sent out new shoots, and which continued to do the same after the Fall, conveyed the idea of a more absolute propagation, a sensual implanting in self at the cost of separation from God. So, along with disobedience, there sprang from their indulgence that severing of the creature from God, that planting in self and through self, and those selfish passions in human nature. He that uses the fruit solely for the enjoyment it affords, must accept as the consequence of his act the subversion, the debasement of nature as well as sin and death.
The blessing of a pure and holy multiplying out of God and by God, which Adam had received after the creation of Eve was, in consequence of that indulgence, withdrawn from him;

for I saw that the instant Adam left his hill to go to Eve,
the Lord grasped him in the back
and took something from him.
From that something,
I felt that the world's salvation would come.

Once on the Feast of the Holy and Immaculate Conception, God gave me a vision of that mystery. I saw enclosed in Adam and Eve the corporal and spiritual life of all mankind. I saw that by the Fall it became corrupted, mixed up with evil, and that the bad angels had acquired power over it.

I saw the Second Person of the Godhead
come down and, with something like a crooked blade,
take the Blessing from Adam
before he had sinned.
At the same instant,
I saw the Virgin issuing from Adam's side
like a little luminous cloud,
and soaring all resplendent up to God.

By the reception of the fruit, Adam and Eve became, as it were, intoxicated, and their consent to sin wrought in them a great change. It was the serpent in them. Its nature pervaded theirs, and then came the tares among the wheat. P
In this wonderful tale, we can perceive God's preparation for His great Work, The Immaculate Conception, which The Eternal-father ensured in spite of our First Parents' betrayal.
Blessing from Adam was preserved intact and immaculate and was somehow carried down through the generations until a specific time arrived and a specific place was arranged together with a specific incident.
As A. C. Emmerich positively noted in her vision,

From that something,
I felt that the world's salvation would come.

That is to say, out of The Immaculate Conception - Mary - the Blessing from Adam, issued Jesus the world's salvation.
To me, this is something fabulous. God ordained that two people, Mary's parents, Anne and Joachim, at the instant of Mary's conception, precisely timed from the instant of creation, at a precise point in Jerusalem to the exclusion of the rest of the entire universe, pro-created the little handmaid from whom would issue The Messiah, Saviour of the cosmos!!


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