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Musings 2002/161

be looked upon as especially blest by God and their words will be esteemed by all.
The Priest
The Priest himself - he alone in the world who says Holy Mass - would have long since been overwhelmed by his exhausting ordeal. He would hardly be allowed to sleep - so much expected of him! So many hundreds of thousands, every day, waiting for him!
Attempts would be made to kidnap the Priest. Gigantic financial offers would be made for him and his patronage.
Governments would fight for the right to provide citizenship for the Priest, so that they could reap the benefits of the mammoth tourist trade that centred around him.
The matter of where the Priest should be centred would create enormous difficulties, differences and even skirmishes, with the potential of much worse.
Events would become so bad that, in the end, an agreement between all the nations of the world would be needed to avoid war and this agreement would mean that the Priest would travel the world, in accordance with an agreed itinerary, so that each nation enjoyed the privileges of the Priest's presence and the populations of the various nations could plan their Mass attendance accordingly.
Appreciation of The Realities of The Mass
Why would all this happen? Simply because

the Realities of Holy Mass
would suddenly become vivid and irresistible
- no longer taken for granted.

The fact that that one Priest has the divine power of consecration so that the bread and wine are changed into The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, would become the marvel and the wonder of the world.
People everywhere, would be taught and would be keen to totally realise the Truth as taught by The Universal Church on Holy Mass.
The fact that attending Holy Mass is precisely the same as being with Jesus Christ at the Last Supper when He instituted The Sacrament, would be engraved upon their minds and souls.
The additional fact that attending Holy Mass is precisely the same as accompanying Jesus Christ when He was crucified for our sins on Calvary, would haunt them in their prayers; in their preparation for Mass and in their thanksgiving afterwards!
They would realise that Holy Mass is the supreme Sacrifice from man to God, because the Sacrifice is Christ, Himself. They would, in astonishment, be aware that they are thus enabled, at Holy Mass, to offer themselves, all they that are and have and do, together with Jesus, to God.

In Jesus Christ, with Him and through Him,
would they be so extraordinarily privileged
to thus offer themselves!

They would realise the unlimited potential of this for thanking God for all He has done for them; in giving glory and praise to The Creator; in showing their love for Him. They would perceive clearly, the wonderful opportunity given them to seek God's assistance and His gifts.
They would be able to exercise the incredible powers given to mankind and then direct these gifts towards The Most-holy Trinity -
i.e. the ability to recognise, to acknowledge,
to appreciate.
In directing these abilities, which have no equal in the nature of  creatures, they would be asserting their freewill in favour of God, as is so supremely possible ONLY in Holy Mass -

not possible in any other action by man;
not possible by any other action
by the entire universe!

Mass Boring?
Why then do we have this absolute tripe that Holy Mass is boring? The nonsense of it! The awfulness of it!
An old friend said to the Priest - with regard to the refurbishing of our church -
you have made the Angels weep in Heaven! Well, I find it very easy to think that the Angels in Heaven are not only weeping but are astounded at man's ignorance and blindness on earth, with regard to Holy Mass.
There can be no other reason for the nonsense involved then pure ignorance. And what ignorance!
But behind this pure ignorance, there is pure evil!
Why are the Truths of Holy Mass not passed on to every generation? What incredible reason could possibly be given that teachers and parents fail to instruct their children about the greatest Event in the entire world?
Yes, there are many reasons given. Sad, sad excuses, every one.
What tragedies are we witnessing in this unbelievable era!
Mass in the New Era
This nonsense is about to come to a sticky end, along with the sticky end of modernism which has been the ghastly infection that would putrefy this period of history.
Many have called the new era
the Era of The Eucharist or The Eucharistic Era.

P Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth.
The old heaven, the old earth had vanished
and there was no more sea.
And I, John, saw in my vision
that holy city which is the new Jerusalem
being set down by God from heaven,
all clothed in readiness,
like a bride who has adorned herself
to meet her husband.
I heard too, a voice which cried aloud
from the throne,
Here is God's tabernacle pitched among men;
he will dwell with them
and they will be his people
and he will be among them,
their own God. P

The Apocalypse (21 1-4) informs us that God will dwell amongst us, but it is clear that there is a new era involved; indeed a new earth and heaven.
We have had
God-with-us, Emmanuel, for 2,000 years in the Holy Eucharist, but here the Emmanuel is associated with the new Jerusalem, meaning The Universal Church, for She is Christ's Bride.
The Church has always been Christ's
Bride, but it seems that in this biblical quotation, The Universal Church has been renewed - a new Jerusalem.

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