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Musings 2002/161

Or, even worse,
the truth is
what each and everyone, individually,
believes it to be!
If that is the modernist belief, and it is,

then each and everything he, himself, says
can not possibly be true

- by his very own judgment and standard - for the truth is every-changing.
Besides, it doesn't agree with the Truth that I believe is the Truth!
By his very own standards, therefore, when the modernist states the fact - a truth -  that
love is everything, then that is not the truth (to them)!!
It is not the truth to them for a further reason, that is they think that
love is only connected with social justice, the faith community and liberation theology!
By this faulty mental thinking the disgraced modernist, having no Truth in him, thinks that he does not have to obey The Church's directions.
He knows better, you see.
Nor, in his demented state, does he think he should even obey the Commandments of God because he no longer believes in The Truth of Scripture!!
Well, I suppose I have been over this sad, blind and pitiable blindness of modernism more then once before. Let me finish, therefore, with Scriptural TRUTH. Check out 1 John 2:3-6, which states:

P  We can be sure
that we know God
only by keeping his commandments.
Anyone who says, 'I know him',
and does not keep his commandments
is a liar,
refusing to admit the truth.
But when anyone does obey
what he has said,
God's love comes to perfection in him.
We can be sure that we are in God
only when the one
who claims to be living in him
is living the same kind of life
as Christ lived. P

How exquisite is Scripture!
God's love comes to perfection in him, that is, to the person who recognises The Truth found in God's Commandments and follows them!
Faith Without Good Works
How simple, then is The Church's teaching that a person must not only have faith but that he must have good works, too.
In considering the Commandments we easily see the precise answer to the Catholic/Protestant debate about these matters.
Let me say, simply,

that it is a pitiful failure
to (1) believe in the
Ten Commandments
but then (2) to fail to embrace them
in the name of faith.


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