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Musings 2002/162

I am Not Praying for the World

So says Jesus Christ Himself; John 17:9.
The full sentence reads thus:-

It is for these that I pray;
I am not praying for the world,
but for those whom thou hast entrusted to me;
they belong to thee, as all I have is thine
and all thou has is mine;
and in them my glory is achieved.

I have always found these words of Christ difficult ones, because He does not pray for everyone but only for those His Father has entrusted to Him!
However, the real Catholic - while he might find difficulty in some Scriptural readings (and who doesn't?) -  nevertheless clings to the truth that ALL Scripture consists of Truth and nothing but Truth. He looks to The Universal Church for direction, explanations and encouragement.
The modernists, on the other hand, also find many words of Scripture difficult, but they are in the heretical habit of seeking out understandable rationalisations for any
hard sayings, changing their meaning completely - often as not - in defiance of The Church and in contradiction to Her doctrines.
Instead of looking to The Church for guidance, they look in any and every other direction which pleases their quest for innovation and novelty.
This modernist trend is found everywhere.
Look for example at our local Parish.
Where the Profession of Faith reads For us men and for our salvation, the pro-modernists simply leaves out the word men. They would probably claim that they are acting in charity and do this for the sake of the females of the Parish who might be offended.
Unfortunately for them this defies The Church's instruction and while their self-satisfaction and the pride of some females, might seem to be appeased, they have offended God and His Church.
We also find locally that the Parish Priest finds it preferable to reject his book of Scriptural readings for Sunday Mass, and instead, accepts a
diseased translation of the Gospel reading. This diseased translation is paraded through the assembly space in a ceremonial manner which is supposed to provide example of our great devotion for Scripture!
In Hell
In this respect look at the Gospel reading for last Sunday (12th. in ordinary time), which reads fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell. (Matthew 10:26-33) Now, for the reason many of us are aware of - that is, modernists prefer not to believe in hell - the vital words 'in hell' were missing from the reading spoken by the Priest!
The diseased translations of the paraded Gospel readings are evident in their imperfections and bias, from one week to another. I merely give one example here.
Peace on Earth.
In recent months, another example of ignoring Church instruction is found in the improper wording of the Gloria sung by the poor old faith community.
The first two lines of the Gloria must read thus:

Glory to God in the highest
and peace to His people on earth.

The sung version however, goes like this:

Glory to God in the highest
and peace to all people on earth.

Notice that 'all people' replaces 'His People'.
Another sung version is even worse then this; it leaves out entirely the words
to His people.
Twice Offensive
I know that some will think that I am nit-picking, but that assumption is wrong. Yes, I know that one is able to present more offensive actions by modernism, but these so-called minor offences, especially when they are used long and often, produce an unconscious momentum and a false, hypnotic  presumption that can be built upon, step by easy step, with more and greater offences against Catholicism.
Modernism could not sneak in its major offences without first laying the base by preparing the minds of their listeners; and

the best way to manipulate people
is to foster and encourage ignorance in them.

It remains true, however, that Jesus said that He is not praying for the world, but only for those His Father has entrusted to Him. Our pro-modernist 'Catholics' reject this teaching. Where The Church prays for peace to His People on earth, they, instead pray for the world.
Not only do they defy Church instruction but they deem Christ's own words as nothing!
Those Whom Thou Hast Entrusted to Me
These words are truly powerful and incisive ones, the two edged sword perhaps of Hebrew 4:12.
It is a frightening thing to ponder the thought
that Christ does not pray for everyone.
If we consider again, John's Gospel where Christ's penetrating words are recorded, and proceed on to 17:12, we read, with some trepidation, the following:-

As long as I was with them,
it was for me to keep them true to thy name,
thy gift to me;
and I have watched over them
so that only one has been lost,
he whom perdition claims for its own,
in fulfilment of scripture.

These are fearful words, pointing out that Judas was lost as pre-destined in Scripture; they must alert every soul to remain steadfast in the Faith!!

We should be praying in earnest
that The Eternal-father has entrusted us
to Jesus Christ

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