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Musings 2002/162

and the only proof of this
is found in obedience to Christ
and His Church!

This Sacrifice
The seriousness of Christ's words should brand themselves onto our hearts, so that we do not fall for the modernist trap of innovation and novelty.
Such a branding would ensure - surely? - that we do not play around with the words and actions of Mass as is so often done - deliberately.
But no, we find the Priest taking it upon himself to introduce new wording, for example, during the
Liturgy of The Eucharist, when he must say:

Pray, brethren, that our sacrifice
may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father.

Instead we have the following:
Pray that these gifts (or offerings) may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father.
Avoidance of the word 'sacrifice' with regard to Holy Mass is another unfortunate trait of the pro-modernist. Notice the hairy-fairy wording that replaces good and proper liturgy.
And so on it goes.
Our Priest, however, is said to be
conservative and this I believe - but only in comparison with others not so far away.
Faulty Liturgy Translation
However, even though the current liturgy seems to be subject to any modernist ad-lib extras or any novel change,

the original liturgical translations
were already faulty in many ways.

Thus we have a poor quality and often incorrect translation (thrust upon us by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy - ICEL). This is bad enough, but on top of that we have the ad-libs and the novel changes!!!
Thanks be to God that Rome has finally put a stop to the ICEL nonsense.
We await with eagerness good translations together with strong directions for their full and precise usage.
Father Tom Erlich
In the meantime Father T. Erlich - who came to our Parish and to others, to strongly support the demotion of our Catholic church building into a conglomeration of unholy spaces - is now

in a state of frustration
at The Church's virtual condemnation
of ICEL's performances.

Father Erlich rails with some venom in his editorial, Liturgy News 32-2, where he begins with these words of understatement (from his point of view, that is): It is obviously disappointing to see years of good work go down the drain. . rejection sticks in the craw.
years of good work (L) are words that only such as he could utter. The Church has downgraded ICEL with good reason, but here we have a Priest, yet once more, dissenting and defying the Magisterium.
His sad and lengthy editorial is totally applied to the purpose of denigrating Cardinal Estevez, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, and of attacking his Congregation.
(Mind you, Father Erlich's
Liturgy News, is the quarterly bulletin of the Liturgical Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, so I suppose one should count it as having official authority.)
Father attempts to remove ICEL from consideration in hid editorial so that

he might proffer the idea
that it is the Bishops' conferences
that are at loggerheads with Rome!

He does this, for example, by stating that ICEL's good work was one of collaboration offered voluntarily to the Church by international scholars from various disciplines, work which was happily received and overwhelmingly approved by eleven bishops conference .
Indeed, Father goes onto the reverse attack, claiming that Cardinal Estevez's Congregation pretends to criticise ICEL and its translations when it is in fact dealing with the bishops conferences ...
He also attempts to insinuate that it is with the Prefect and his Congregation, with which ICEL has the difficulty;

but both Prefect and Congregation
have the support of the Pope
and the other Congregations,
and I would presume to confidently say,
with each and every Bishops' Conference in the world;
therefore with the Magisterium of The Church.

Consequently, his shameful editorial has an ending which brings no surprise.
The last paragraph maliciously states:-
One cannot escape the conclusion that, rhetoric aside, the Congregation under Cardinal Medina's leadership, is not really interested in a collaboration with bishops conferences. It wants people willing to do its bidding and provide, for appearances's sake, a suitable rubber stamp.
Notice how Father has brilliantly misrepresented the disciplinary action taken by the Magisterium on ICEL;  promoting the completely false idea instead, that the differences of opinion are solely between the Prefect and the Bishops' Conferences, concluding, mind you, that the Prefect is in the wrong!
Somewhere, in years past, Father has lost the plot, or the plot has been taken from him - the Catholic Plot.
From the beginning of his editorial Father accuses the Congregation of misrepresentation and misinformation! And proceeds to suggest to the reader that he, Father Tom Erlich himself, is therefore required to show that

honesty requires that the facts be stated! L

Father worked on ICEL's committees between 1988 and 2000, and would therefore know something about misrepresentation and misinformation and honesty. He used to be a part of the Australian Bishops' liturgical body, as well.
Father goes on to elaborate on
five points which, he would have us believe, prove that the Prefect and his Congregation are, and have always been, in error and at fault!
In his
five points, Father Erlich claims to quote from Cardinal Estevez's letters and from a thing Father calls Comme le prevoit, the latter document giving ICEL the right to misrepresent proper translation - so he seems to say!
Now, I do not have access to the good Cardinal's letters, nor to the so-called
Comme le prevoit, and nor do I want to!
Nor do I need to!
The Magisterium has come out against the activities and the
awful works of ICEL, and requires it to get back into the mainstream of Catholicism.
That's all I need to know, on top of the learned, innumerable complaints about ICEL that I have read over the years.
I am sure that Father's
five points will be dealt with in due course by others who have the patience and the same access to the quoted documents.
Vox Clara

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